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1:01 Pilot
1:02 Wendigo1:03 Dead in the Water1:04 Phantom Traveler1:05 Bloody Mary1:06 Skin1:07 Hookman1:08 Bugs
1:09 Home1:10 Asylum1:11 Scarecrow1:12 Faith1:13 Route 6661:14 NIghtmare1:15 The Benders1:16 Shadow
1:17 Hell House1:18 Something Wicked1:19 Provenance1:20 Dead Man's Blood
1:21 Salvation1:22 Devil's Trap  

2:01 In My Time of Dying2:02 Everybody Loves a Clown2:03 Bloodlust2:04 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things2:05 Simon Said2:06 No Exit2:07 The Usual Suspects
2:08 Crossroad Blues
2:09 Croatoan2:10 Hunted2:11 Playthings2:12 Nightshifter2:13 Houses of the Holy2:14 Born Under a Bad Sign2:15 Tall Tales2:16 Roadkill
2:17 Heart2:18 Hollywood Babylon2:19 Folsom Prison Blues2:20 What Is and What Should Never Be2:21 All Hell Breaks Loose (1)2:22 All Hell Breaks Loose (2)  

3:01 Sin City3:02 The Kids are Alright3:03 Bad Day at Black Rock3:04 Sin City3:05 Bedtime Stories
3:06 Red Sky at Morning3:07 Fresh Blood
3:08 A Very Supernatural Christmas
3:09 Malleus Maleficarum3:10 Dream a Little Dream of Me3:11 Mystery Spot3:12 Jus in Bello3:13 Ghostfacers3:14 Long Distance Call
3:15 Time Is On My Side3:16 No Rest for the Wicked

4:01 Lazarus Rising4:02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester4:03 In The Beginning4:04 Metamorphosis4:05 Monster Movie4:06 Yellow Fever4:07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester4:08 Wishful Thinking
4:09 I Know What You Did Last Summer4:10 Heaven and Hell4:11 Family Remains4:12 Criss Angel is a Douchebag4:13 After School Special
4:14 Sex and Violence4:15 Death Takes a Holiday4:16 On the Head of a Pin
4:17 It's a Terrible Life4:18 Point of No Return4:19 Jump the Shark4:20 The Rapture4:21 When the Levee Breaks4:22 Lucifer Rising  

5:01 Sympathy for the Devil5:02 Good God Y'all5:03 Free To Be You and Me5:04 The End5:05 Fallen Idols5:06 I Believe the Children are our Future5:07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester5:08 Changing Channels
5:09 The Real Ghostbusters5:10 Abandon All Hope5:11 Sam, Interrupted5:12 Swap Meat5:13 The Song Remains the Same5:14 My Bloody Valentine5:15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
5:16 Dark Side of the Moon
5:17 99 Problems5:18 Point of No Return5:19 Hammer of the Gods5:20 The Devil You Know5:21 Two Minutes to Midnight5:22 Swan Song  

6:01 Exile on Main Street6:02 Two and a Half Men6:03 The Third Man6:04 Weekend at Bobby's6:05 Live Free or Twihard6:06 You Can't Handle the Truth6:07 Family Matters6:08 All Dogs Go to Heaven
6:09 Clap Your Hands if you Believe...6:10 Caged Heat6:11 Appointment in Samarra6:12 Like A Virgin6:13 Unforgiven6:14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning6:15 The French Mistake6:16 And Then There Were None...
 6:17 My Heart Will Go On 6:18 Frontierland 6:19 Mommy Dearest
 6:20 The Man Who Would Be King 6:21 Let it Bleed 6:22 The Man Who Knew Too Much  


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