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"A woman's book club is really a cover for a murderous coven...and Ruby has suspiciously accurate knowledge about how witches kill."

January 31, 2008


*I can't stop wondering when they picked up the Lucifer plot because I never know what to take with a grain of salt. Ruby talks about how she 'doesn't believe in the Devil' and how she's doing this all because she 'remembers what it means to be human.' Of course she's a demon and of course she could be lying, but it just seems to me that they were heading a completely different direction with Ruby at this point than they were in Season 4.

*Same idea with some of the things the Tammy!Demon said, about a 'new leader' demon rising who wants Sam gone. Who is this demon? It's not Lilith, and it's certainly not Lucifer (who's not even a demon). A plot they never got to because of the writer's strike? A changed idea? Another demon lie? It does however, make a little sense that Ruby would want to keep Sam and Dean safe for seal-breaking reasons.

*I think this is the first time we meet witches?

*Dean really doesn't like witches, lol.

*This is the Ep where Dean meets Ruby for the first time.

*Sam doesn't let Dean kill Ruby...because he tried.

*Witches (at least this type) get their power from demons

*Ruby was a witch at the time of the Black Death


*We finally get to find out a bit more about Ruby. Whether it's all lies or not is up for interpretation.

*The discussion between Sam and Dean in the hotel room, where Sam tells Dean that he has to get harder, has to learn to be more like Dean, because he's going to be fighting this war all alone

*The discussion between Dean and Ruby in the parking lot, about Hell and about how hell makes humans into Demons.


*The story itself wasn't much. This was obviously an episode meant to get other things across.

*The portrayal of all witches as evil

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Date: 15 November 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't think they had decided to turn Ruby traitor yet. I don't think that was decided until after the Strike. I'm thinking a lot of writers did a lot of thinking during that Strike.

Whenever something doesn't make sense due to the major plot overhaul that begins in S4, I chalk it up to demons not knowing as much as they think they do. Or maybe there was some demon rising but he was shut down in Hell before anything could come of it. Or it was going to be Lillith. She does try to kill Sam in No Rest for the Wicked. I think before S4 I thought it was Lillith. And maybe it was.

Like I've said before, I think demons had many games going at the same time, some of them contradictory. Lucifer getting out of hell was such a long shot. They needed someone to break the first seal before it could even be considered, and John wasn't budging. So vessel of Lucifer or not, I would believe Lillith would kill Sam so she could take over Hell. Lucifer is in a box, what's he gonna do about it? And since Lillith can't get him out she's gotta look out for number one.

I think that is the first time witches come up, yes.

Those discussions are killer.

The portrayal of witches pissed me off. Did they learn NOTHING from Tara and Willow?!

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Date: 17 November 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really liked the end, like the convo between Dean and Ruby. I think thats what stands out to me in this ep..


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