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WRITTEN BY: Ben Edlund
ORIGINAL AIRDATE: March 19, 2009

SUMMARY: "Something is killing Angels, and Castiel and Uriel need Dean's help to find out who. "


*This is the ep where we find out that Dean broke the first seal by being the "righteous man who shed blood in hell"

*I think this is the first time we ever see Sam actually drinking demon blood (from Ruby)

*This is the episode in which Uriel dies

*It's not really surprising that Uriel likes Lucifer. He's had very little love lost for humans since we first met him.

*This is the episode where Castiel first begins to doubt if their orders are actually coming from God.

*Cass tells Dean that the one who started the apocalypse is the one who will have to end it. Cass doesn't know what that means, though.

*Dean says he left part of him behind in hell. I suppose this is metaphorical, not like Season 6 Sam.

*Uriel says that only an angel can kill another angel. Wouldn't Cass have known this?


*It was heartbreaking (yet poignant) to see Dean forced into torture by angels. Watching him torture, you could slowly see him break, until at the end in the hospital he claims to be too weak for what they have cut out for him. Really good acting by JA.

*I liked seeing Sam kill Alastair. So far, all the things Sam has done with his powers are good things. How are the demon powers bad exactly? Yes, I know they get Sam dependent on Ruby, and it's kind of like drugs, but it seems that Sam is able to use them to save lives and kill demons. These are both good things.

*I know a lot of people don't like this, but I like seeing a touch of moral ambiguity in Heaven. SPN's apocalypse isn't all good and all bad...even when we meet Michael and Lucifer it's hard to tell who is really the good one. And Lucifer's not bad enough that all the angels hate him - it seems that in the SPN-verse, the only way Lucifer is really evil is when it comes to humans, and the fact that he disobeyed. Good and bad are both very grey in SPN. And I like that.


*I don't like that they make Sam's demon powers all bad. I wish they'd show us more, and let him keep them longer. They just seem useful, and with all the other moral ambiguity in the show it would be nice to see something bad used for good. We have good used for bad, why not the other way around?

*I find it hard to believe that Cass wouldn't know that only an angel can kill another angel. And if not Cass, then Cass's superiors. Or someone. Uriel can't be the only one who knows that interesting little tidbit.

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Date: 15 December 2010 02:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Watched some of this last night. Epic episode, I can't think of any other one like it.

Poor broken Dean...

In some scriptures Uriel is an Archangel, but he doesn't seem to be one in SPN. But if he is one maybe that's why he knows stuff that Cass doesn't? Or maybe he is incorrect about "only angels can kill angels"?

Yeah, Dean is being metaphorical. Poor Dean! *huggles him* Ackles is freaking amazing in this episode. He's come so far as an actor since s1.

I thought the show was leading up to Sam's powers being used for good because of all the good things he did with them. Disappointment.

It's not hard to tell who's good between Michael and Lucifer; they are BOTH bad :p ;) From the human perspective, Michael wasn't concerned with what Lucifer had done to humans. He was there because of destiny and because he blamed Lucifer for God's abscence. As for Lucifer...yeah. From the human perspective...Yeah.


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