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*Dean called Sam RoboSam. Hehehe.

*Purgatory. Why Purgatory? I don't buy Crowley's flippant answer.

*The vampire mentioned they were going to war...what kind of war?

*What called Cass away? What exactly is going on and what role does Cass play exactly?

*Loved Cass's line about "Of course, your problems always come first" (or whatever). It looks like Cass is learning sarcasm. ;)

*All the Campbells except Gwen and Samuel are demons? Dude. Well, that explains why they were such dicks.

*Why doesn't Crowley know where purgatory is anyway?

*If Crowley had Sam's soul all this time, why didn't he tell Sam? He could get him to do what he wanted easier that way, couldn't he?

*What does Crowley have on Samuel? Weird thought, but is it possible Samuel's doing it for Sam?

*It took several angels to get Dean out of hell? Cass and who else?

*Do vampires go to purgatory when they die? Is that where the spirits and things that Dean and Sam destroy go too?

*Dean got pretty upset when demon!Campbell insulted Lisa.


*Maybe it's just me, but things are starting to feel 'right' again, even if Sam isn't normal. It's just feeling a bit more like Supernatural. Don't know if that makes sense or not.

*Liked getting some answers about what's going on with Samuel and the Campbells, although I still think there's a lot more to it than we know.

*Liked seeing Crowley and Cass in one episode. Now just bring Gabriel back and I'm happy.

*The alpha vampire was pretty neat. I loved how cool he was.

*Liked getting some answers about Sam, even if nothing's solved yet. At least we have a course to follow. Things are making a bit more sense.


*If it's Crowley who took his soul for the reasons he stated, then that's kind of majorly anti-climactic. I don't really think it is, though.

*I still have problems believing it was Crowley who got Sam out of Lucifer's lock-box. Lucifer can't even get out of there. Come on. If it's true, it's kind of stupid. He's strong, sure, but he's not as strong as Lucifer or Michael, and they're still in there havinga nice long chat.

*I still think Dean is being pretty douchey to Sam, although he seemed to be better towards the end.

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Date: 6 November 2010 05:14 am (UTC)
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I don't buy it either. I think there is more to Crowley's desire for Purgatory.

They said at one point that Cass was with a big group that had to fight their way into Hell. At least one garrison, if memory serves me.

The Vampire Alpha basically said they go to Purgatory when they die. I don't know how he knows this, though...

Sam seemed more like Sam to me...Even without his soul and even though he was different, he still chose Dean.

One of the articles in the magazine seemed to hint that Gabe could come back. I think it was the interview with Kripke. I haven't read the whole thing yet.


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