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I liked this ep. A lot. It had its cringeworthy moments, and the lines that didn't seem quite to fit...but I liked it. Although I was sad Sam's awesome car got smashed.

But it was nice to have Cas back, nice to see the angels back, and nice to get at least a little inkling of what the overall arc for this season is going to be (at least, I guess that's what the Civil-War-In-Heaven idea is).

I agree with the people who say that Balthazar is an angelic version of Crowley. Absolutely. Don't really like him, either. Crowley was interesting and amusing, Balthazar's annoying.

And WTF is wrong with Sam??? It looks like they're going to give us answers next week, and they'd freaking better. I half expected Cas or one of the angels to recognize him as Lucifer, but they didn't, so I guess he's at least not fully Lucifer. I still think they somehow merged in Hell, though. We'll have to see. And what was Sam talking about, how Hell wasn't so bad for him? WTF? Lucifer would have been furious when Sam toppled him in there. Surely he didn't have a little vacation? But God, I MUST KNOW. NOW.

EDIT: Something that popped into my head...was Sam paying for sex at the beginning, as we're obviously supposed to believe, or something else? a) Why on earth would Sam pay for sex? Puh-lease. I don't buy it. With THAT body? b) They never actually made any direct sexual innuendo. I think something more sinister may be at work here...

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