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1:01 My First Day 1:02 My Mentor 1:03 My Best Friend's Mistake 1:04 My Old Lady 1:05 My Two Dads1:06 My Bad 1:07 My Super Ego 1:08 My Fifteen Minutes
 1:09 My Day Off 1:10 My Nickname 1:11 My Own Personal Jesus 1:12 My Blind Date 1:13 My Balancing Act 1:14 My Drug Buddy 1:15 My Bed Banter and Beyond 


17 March 2011 05:41 pm
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 1:01 Pilot 1:02 The Man in the S.U.V. 1:03 A Boy in a Tree 1:04 The Man in the Bear1:05 A Boy in a Bush 1:06 The Man in the Wall 1:07 A Man on Death Row1:08 The Girl in the Fridge
 1:09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter 1:10 The Woman at the Airport 1:11 The Woman in the Car 1:12 The Superhero in the Alley 1:13 The Woman in the Garden 1:14 The Man on the Fairway 1:15 Two Bodies in the Lab 1:16 The Woman in the Tunnel
 1:17 The Skull in the Desert 1:18 The Man With the Bone 1:19 The Man in the Morgue 1:20 The Graft in the Girl 1:21 The Soldier on the Grave 1:22 The Woman in Limbo  

 2:01 The Titan on the Tracks 2:02 Mother and Child in the Bay 2:03 The Boy in the Shroud2:04 The Blonde in the Game 2:05 The Truth in the Lye  2:06 The Girl in Suite 2103
 2:07 The Girl with the Curl 2:08 The Woman in the Sand
 2:09 Aliens in a Spaceship 2:10 The Headless Witch in the Woods 2:11 Judas on a Pole 2:12 The Man in the Cell 2:13 The Girl in the Gator 2:14 The Man in the Mansion 2:15 Bodies in the Book 2:16 The Boneless Bride in the River
 2:17 The Priest in the Churchyard 2:18 The Killer in the Concrete 2:19 Spaceman in a Crater 2:20 The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House 2:21 Stargazer in a Puddle   

 3:01 The Widow's Son in the Windshield 3:02 Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van3:03 Death in the Saddle  3:04 The Secret in the Soil3:05 Mummy in the Maze
 3:06 Intern in the Incinerator 3:07 The Boy in the Topsoil 3:08 The Knight on the Grid 3:09 The Santa in the Slush 3:10 The Man in the Mud
 3:11 Player Under Pressure 3:12 The Baby in the Bough 3:13 The Verdict in the Story 3:14 The Wannabe in the Woods 3:15 The Pain in the Heart

 4:01 Yanks in the U.K. 4:02 Man in the Outhouse
 4:03 The Finger in the Nest
 4:04 The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond4:05 The Crank in the Shaft 4:06 The He in the She  4:07 The Skull in the Sculpture
 4:08 The Con Man in the Meth Lab 4:09 The Passenger in the Oven 4:10 The Bone that Blew 4:11 Double Trouble in the Panhandle 4:12 Fire in the Ice 4:13 The Hero in the Hold 4:14 The Princess and the Pear
 4:15 The Bones that Foam 4:16 The Salt in the Wounds
 4:17 The Doctor in the Den 4:18 The Science in the Physicist 4:19 Cinderella in the Cupboard 4:20 Mayhem on a Cross
 4:21 The Double Death of the Dearly Departed
 4:22 The Girl in the Mask 4:23 The Beaver in the Otter 4:24 The Critic in the Cabernet 4:25 The End in the Beginning   

 5:01 Harbingers in the Fountain 5:02 The Bond in the Boot 5:03 The Plain in the Prodigy 5:04 The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood5:05 A Night at the Bones Museum 5:06 The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken  5:07 The Dwarf in the Dirt5:08 The Foot in the Forclosure
 5:09 The Gamer in the Grease 5:10 The Goop on the Girl 5:11 The X in the File 5:12 The Proof in the Pudding 5:13 The Dentist in the Ditch 5:14 The Devil in the Details 5:15 The Bones on the Blue Line 5:16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole
 5:17 The Death of the Queen Bee 5:18 The Predator in the Pool 5:19 The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle 5:20 The Witch in the Wardrobe 5:21 The Boy With the Answer 5:22 The Beginning in the End  
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 1:01 The Boy in the Iceberg 1:02 The Avatar Returns 1:03 The Southern Air Temple 1:04 The Warriors of Kyoshi 1:05 The King of Omashu1:06 Imprisoned1:07 The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)
 1:08 Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2) 1:09 The Waterbending Scroll 1:10 Jet 1:11 The Great Divide 1:12 The Storm 1:13 The Blue Spirit 1:14 The Fortuneteller
 1:15 Bato of the Water Tribe 1:16 The Deserter 1:17 The Northern Air Temple 1:18 The Waterbending Master 1:19 The Siege of the North, Part 1 1:20 The Siege of the North, Part 2 

 2:01 The Avatar State 2:02 The Cave of Two Lovers 2:03 Return to Omashu2:04 The Swamp  2:05 Avatar Day 2:06 The Blind Bandit 2:07 Zuko Alone
 2:08 The Chase 2:09 Bitter Work 2:10 The Library 2:11 The Desert 2:12 The Serpent's Pass 2:13 The Drill 2:14 City of Walls and Secrets
 2:15 The Tales of Ba Sing Se 2:16 Appa's Lost Days 2:17 Lake Laogai 2:18 The Earth King 2:19 The Guru 2:20 The Crossroads of Destiny 

 3:01 The Awakening 3:02 The Headband
3:03 The Painted Lady 3:04 Sokka's Master  3:05 The Beach3:06 The Avatar and the Firelord  3:07 The Runaway
 3:08 The Puppetmaster 3:09 Nightmares and Daydreams 3:10 The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion 3:11 The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse 3:12 The Western Air Temple 3:13 The Firebending Masters 3:14 The Boiling Rock, Part 1
 3:15 The Boiling Rock, Part 2 3:16 The Southern Raiders 3:17 The Ember Island Players 3:18 Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King 3:19 Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters 3:20 Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno 3:21 Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang
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 1:01 Pilot 1:02 Point and Shoot 1:03 Reload1:04 Over Exposure  1:05 Dark, Room, Chemicals 1:06 F-Stop 1:07 Blow Up 1:08 Photo Finish
 1:09 Flashback to the Future 1:10 It's All Uphill From Here
 1:11 A Tale of Two Parties 1:12 Das Boots    
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 1:01 33 1:02 Water 1:03 Bastille Day 1:04 Act of Contrition 1:05 You Can't Go Home Again 1:06 Litmus 1:07 Six Degrees of Separation
 1:08 Flesh and Bone 1:09 Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down     
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 1:01 No Such Thing as Vampires 1:02 Out of the Past 1:03 Dr. Feelgood 1:04 Fever 1:05 Arrested Development
1:06 B.C.  1:07 The Ringer 1:08 12:04 AM
 1:09 Fleur de Lis 1:10 Sleeping Beauty 1:11 Love Lasts Forever 1:12 The Mortal Cure 1:13 Fated to Pretend 1:14 Click 1:15 What's Left Behind 1:16 Sonata
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 1:01 Pilot 1:02 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton 1:03 Kill Me Now 1:04 The Deer Hunters 1:05 Cinnamon's Wake
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1:01 Get Some 1:02 The Cradle of Civilization 1:03 Screwby 1:04 Combat Jack 1:05 A Burning Dog 1:06 Stay Frosty 1:07 Bomb in the Garden


17 March 2011 04:12 pm
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 1:01 Genesis 1:02 Don't Look Back 1:03 One Giant Leap 1:04 Collision 1:05 Hiros 1:06 Better Halves1:07 Nothing to Hide  1:08 Seven Minutes to Midnight
 1:09 Homecoming 1:10 Six Months Ago 1:11 Fallout 1:12 Godsend 1:13 The Fix 1:14 Distractions 1:15 Run! 1:16 Unexpected
 1:17 Company Man 1:18 Parasite 1:19 .07% 1:20 Five Years Gone 1:21 The Hard Part 1:22 Landslide 1:23 How To Stop an Exploding Man 
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 1:01 Scorpio 1:02 First in Line 1:03 The Element of Surprise 1:04 Asking for Flowers 1:05 Who's George 1:06 Attention Shoppers
1:07 He Knows His Brother
 1:08 Never Kissed a Girl 1:09 Planets Aligned 1:10 Eagle Two 1:11 Backwards Day 1:12 Haunting the Barn 1:13 Between Heartbeats 

 2:01 Business as Usual 2:02 The Fortress 2:03 Clean Hands 2:04 Aisle 132:05 The Perfect Family  2:06 Remote Control
 2:07 Perfect Storm 2:08 Last Dance 2:09 Exit Wounds   
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1:01 The Man Trap 1:02 Charlie X 1:03 Where No Man Has Gone Before 1:04 The Naked Time
1:05 The Enemy Within  1:06 Mudd's Women
 1:07 What Are Little Girls Made Of? 1:08 Miri 1:09 Dagger of the Mind 1:10 The Carbomite Maneuver 1:11 The Menagerie (Part 1) 1:12 The Menagerie (Part 2)
 1:13 The Conscience of the King 1:14 Balance of Terror 1:15 Shore Leave
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 1:01 Encounter at Farpoint (1) 1:02 Encounter at Farpoint (2) 1:03 The Naked Now 1:04 Code of Honor 1:05 The Last Outpost 1:06 Where No One Has Gone Before1:07 Lonely Among Us
 1:08 Justice 1:09 The Battle 1:10 Hide and Q 1:11 Haven 1:12 The Big Goodbye 1:13 Datalore 1:14 Angel One
 1:15 11001001 1:16 Too Short a Season 1:17 When the Bough Breaks 1:18 Home Soil 1:19 Coming of Age 1:20 Heart of Glory 1:21 The Arsenal of Freedom
 1:22 Symbiosis 1:23 Skin of Evil
 1:24 We'll Always Have Paris 1:25 Conspiracy 1:26 The Neutral Zone  


17 March 2011 03:25 pm
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 1:01 Serenity 1:02 The Train Job
 1:03 Bushwhacked 1:04 Shindig 1:05 Safe 1:06 Our Mrs. Reynolds1:07 Jaynestown
 1:08 Out of Gas 1:09 Ariel 1:10 War Stories 1:11 Trash 1:12 The Message 1:13 Heart of Gold 1:14 Objects in Space


17 March 2011 03:24 pm
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1:01 Pilot 1:02 There is No Normal Anymore 1:03 A Bright New Day 1:04 It's Only the Beginning 1:05 Welcome to the War1:06 Pound of Flesh
 1:07 John May 1:08 We Can't Win 1:09 Heretic's Fork 1:10 Hearts and Minds 1:11 Fruition 1:12 Red Sky
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1:01 No More Good Days1:02 White to Play1:03 137 Sekunden1:04 Black Swan1:05 Gimme Some Truth1:06 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps1:07 The Gift1:08 Playing Cards with Coyote
1:09 Believe1:10 A5619841:11 Revelation Zero (Part 1)
1:12 Revelation Zero (Part 2)1:13 Blowback1:14 Better Angels1:15 Queen Sacrifice1:16 Let No Man Put Asunder
1:17 The Garden of Forking Paths1:18 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road1:19 Course Correction1:20 The Negotiation1:21 Countdown1:22 Future Shock  
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1:01 Welcome to the Hellmouth 1:02 The Harvest 1:03 Witch 1:04 Teacher's Pet 1:05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date 1:06 The Pack
 1:07 Angel 1:08 I Robot, You Jane 1:09 The Puppet Show 1:10 Nightmares 1:11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight 1:12 Prophecy Girl

2:01 When She Was Bad 2:02 Some Assembly Required 2:03 School Hard
 2:04 Inca Mummy Girl 2:05 Reptile Boy 2:06 Halloween
2:07 Lie to Me  2:08 The Dark Age
 2:09 What's My Line?: Part 1 2:10 What's My Line?: Part 2 2:11 Ted 2:12 Bad Eggs 2:13 Surprise 2:14 Innocence 2:15 Phases 2:16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
 2:17 Passion 2:18 Killed by Death 2:19 I Only Have Eyes for You     


17 March 2011 04:46 am
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 1:01 Pilot 1:02 Showmance 1:03 Acafellas 1:04 Preggers 1:05 The Rhodes Not Taken 1:06 Vitamin D 1:07 Throwdown1:08 Mash-Up 
 1:09 Wheels 1:10 Ballad 1:11 Hairography 1:12 Mattress 1:13 Sectionals 1:14 Hell-O 1:15 The Power of Madonna 1:16 Home
 1:17 Bad Reputation 1:18 Laryngitis 1:19 Dream On 1:20 Theatricality  1:21 Funk 1:22 Journey to Regionals  


17 March 2011 04:38 am
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 1:01-1:02 Pilot 1:03 Tabula Rasa 1:04 Walkabout 1:05 White Rabbit 1:06 House of the Rising Sun1:07 The Moth 1:08 Confidence Man 1:09 Solitary 
 1:10 Raised By Another 1:11 All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues 1:12 Whatever the Case May Be 1:13 Hearts and Minds  1:14 Special 1:15 Homecoming 1:16 Outlaws 1:17 ...In Translation
 1:18 Numbers 1:19 Deus Ex Machina 1:20 Do No Harm 1:21 The Greater Good 1:22 Born to Run 1:23 Exodus (Part 1) 1:24 Exodus (Part 1) 

 2:01 Man of Science, Man of Faith 2:02 Adrift 2:03 Orientation2:04 Everybody Hates Hugo  2:05 ...And Found2:06 Abandoned 2:07 The Other 48 Days 2:08 Collision 
 2:09 What Kate Did 2:10 The 23rd Psalm 2:11 The Hunting Party 2:12 FIre + Water 2:13 The Long Con 2:14 One of Them 2:15 Maternity Leave 2:16 The Whole Truth
 2:17 Lockdown 2:18 Dave 2:19 S.O.S. 2:20 Two for the Road 2:21 ? 2:22 Three Minutes 2:23: Live Together, Die Alone 

 3:01 A Tale of Two Cities 3:02 The Glass Ballerina 3:03 Further Instructions 3:04 Every Man For Himself3:05 The Cost of Living 3:06 I Do3:07 Not In Portland 3:08 Flashes Before Your Eyes 
 3:09 Stranger in a Strange Land 3:10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead 3:11 Enter 77 3:12 Par Avion 3:13 The Man From Tallahassee 3:14 Expose 3:15 Left Behind 3:16 One Of Us
 3:17 Catch-22 3:18 D.O.C. 3:19 The Brig 3:20 The Man Behind The Curtain 3:21 Greatest Hits 3:22 Through the Looking Glass  

 4:01 The Beginning of the End 4:02 Confirmed Dead 4:03 The Economist 4:04 Eggtown4:05 The Constant 4:06 The Other Woman 4:07 Ji Yeon 4:08 Meet Kevin Johnson 
 4:09 The Shape of Things to Come 4:10 Something Nice Back Home 4:11 Cabin Fever 4:12 There's No Place Like Home (1) 4:13 There's No Place Like Home (2)   
 5:01 Because You Left 5:02 The Lie 5:03 Jughead 5:04 The Little Prince5:05 This Place is Death 5:06 316  5:07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham5:08 La Fleur 
 5:09 Namaste 5:10 He's Our You 5:11 Whatever Happened, Happened 5:12 Dead is Dead 5:13 Some Like it Hoth 5:14 The Variable 5:15 Follow the Leader 5:16-5:17 The Incident
 6:01-6:02 LAX 6:03 What Kate Does 6:04 The Substitute 6:05 Lighthouse6:06 Sundown  6:07 Dr. Linus 6:08 Recon6:09 Ab Aeterno 
 6:10 The Package 6:11 Happily Ever After 6:12 Everybody Loves Hugo 6:13 The Last Recruit 6:14 The  Candidate 6:15 Across the Sea 6:16 What they Died For 6:17-6:18 The End

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 1:01 Strange Love 1:02 The First Taste 1:03 Mine 1:04 Escape from Dragon House 1:05 Sparks Fly Out1:06 Cold Ground 
 1:07 Burning House of Love 1:08 The Fourth Man in the Fire 1:09 Plaisir d'Amour 1:10 I Don't Wanna Know 1:11 To Love is to Bury 1:12 You'll Be the Death of Me

 2:01 Nothing But the Blood 2:02 Keep This Party Going 2:03 Scratches 2:04 Shake and Fingerpop 2:05 Never Let Me Go2:06 Heart-Hearted Hannah 
 2:07 Release Me 2:08 Timebomb 2:09 I Will Rise Up 2:10 New World in my View 2:11 Frenzy 2:12 Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

 3:01 Bad Blood 3:02 Beautifully Broken 3:03 It Hurts Me Too 3:04 9 Crimes 3:05 Trouble 3:06 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
 3:07 Hitting the Ground 3:08 Night on the Sun 3:09 Everything is Broken 3:10 I Smell a Rat 3:11 Fresh Blood 3:12 Evil is Going On
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 1:01 Extreme Aggressor 1:02 Compulsion 1:03 Won't Get Fooled Again 1:04 Plain Sight 1:05 Broken Mirror1:06 L.D.S.K. 1:07 The Fox 1:08 Natural Born Killer 
 1:09 Derailed 1:10 The Popular Kids 1:11 Blood Hungry 1:12 What Fresh Hell 1:13 Poison 1:14 Riding the Lightning 1:15 Unfinished Business 1:16 The Tribe
 1:17 A Real Rain 1:18 Somebody's Watching 1:19 Machismo 1:20 Charm and Harm 1:21 Secrets and Lies 1:22 The Fisher King, Part One  

2:01 The Fisher King (Part Two)2:02 P9112:03 The Perfect Storm 2:04 Psychodrama 2:05 The Aftermath 2:06 The Boogeyman 2:07 North Mammon 2:08 Empty Planet
 2:09 The Last Word 2:10 Lessons Learned 2:11 Sex, Birth, Death 2:12 Profiler, Profiled 2:13 No Way Out 2:14 The Big Game (Part 1) 2:15 Revelations (Part 2) 2:16 Fear and Loathing
 2:17 Distress 2:18 Jones 2:19 Ashes and Dust 2:20 Honor Among Thieves 2:21 Open Season 2:22 Legacy 2:23 No Way Out Part 2: The Evilution of Frank

Dr. Who

17 March 2011 03:18 am
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1:01 Rose1:02 The End of the World1:03 The Unquiet Dead 1:04 Aliens of London 1:05 World War Three 1:06 Dalek1:07 The Long Game 1:08 Father's Day 
 1:09 The Empty Child 1:10 The Doctor Dances 1:11 Boom Town 1:12 Bad Wolf 1:13 The Parting of the Ways   

 2:01 New Earth 2:02 Tooth and Claw 2:03 School Reunion 2:04 The Girl in the Fireplace 2:05 Rise of the Cybermen2:06 The Age of Steel 2:07 The Idiot's Lantern 2:08 The Impossible Planet 
 2:09 The Satan Pit 2:10 Love & Monsters 2:11 Fear Her 2:12 Army of Ghosts 2:13 Doomsday   

 3:01 Smith and Jones 3:02 The Shakespeare Code 3:03 Gridlock 3:04 Daleks in Manhattan 3:05 Evolution of the Daleks 3:06 The Lazarus Experiment 3:07 423:08 Human Nature 
 3:09 The Family of Blood 3:10 Blink 3:11 Utopia 3:12 The Sound of Drums 3:13 Last of the Time Lords   

 4:01 Partners in Crime 4:02 Planet of the Ood 4:03 The Fires of Pompeii 4:04 The Sontaran Strategem 4:05 The Poison Sky4:06 The Doctor's Daughter 4:07 The Unicorn and the Wasp  4:08 Midnight
 4:09 Silence in the Library 4:10 Forest of the Dead 4:11 Turn Left 4:12 The Stolen Earth 4:13 Journey's End   

5:01 The Eleventh Hour5:02 The Beast Below5:03 Victory of the Daleks5:04 The Time of Angels5:05 Flesh and Stone5:06 The Vampires of Venice5:07 Amy's Choice5:08 The Hungry Earth
5:09 Cold Blood5:10 Vincent and the Doctor5:11 The Lodger5:12 The Pandorica Opens5:13 The Big Bang   
6:01 The Impossible Astronaut 6:02 Day of the Moon 6:03 The Curse of the Black Spot 6:04 The Doctor's Wife    
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1:01 A Hard Day's Night1:02 The First Cut is the Deepest1:03 Winning a Battle, Losing the War1:04 No Man's Land1:05 Shake Your Groove Thing1:06 If Tomorrow Never Comes1:07 The Self-Destruct Button1:08 Save Me1:09 Who's Zoomin' Who?

2:01 Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head2:02 Enough is Enough (No More Tears)2:03 Make Me Lose Control2:04 Deny, Deny, Deny2:05 Bring the Pain2:06 Into You Like a Train2:07 Something to Talk About2:08 Let It Be
2:09 Thanks For the Memories2:10 Much Too Much2:11 Owner of a Lonely Heart2:12 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer2:13 Begin the Begin2:14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies2:15 Break On Through2:16 It's the End of the World
2:17 (As We Know It)2:18 Yesterday2:19 What Have I Done to Deserve This?2:20 Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole2:21 Superstition2:22 The Name of the Game2:23 Blues for Sister Someone2:24 Damage Control
2:25 17 Seconds2:26 Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response2:27 Losing My Religion     

3:01 Time Has Come Today3:02 I am a Tree3:03 Sometimes a Fantasy3:04 What I Am3:05 Oh, The Guilt
3:06 Let the Angels Commit3:07 Where the Boys Are3:08 Staring at the Sun
3:09 From a Whisper to a Scream3:10 Don't Stand So Close to Me3:11 Six Days, Part 13:12 Six Days, Part 23:13 Great Expectations3:14 Wishin' and Hopin'3:15 Walk on Water3:16 Drowning on Dry Land
3:17 Some Kind of MIracle3:18 Scars and Souvenirs3:19 My Favorite Mistake3:20 Time After Time3:21 Desire3:22 The Other Side of this Life (1)3:23 The Other Side of this Life (2)3:24 Testing 1-2-3
3:25 Didn't We Almost Have it All?       

4:01 A Change is Gonna Come4:02 Love/Addiction4:03 Let the Truth Sting4:04 The Heart of the Matter4:05 Haunt You Every Day4:06 Kung Fu Fighting 4:07 Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction4:08 Forever Young
4:09 Crash Into Me (1)4:10 Crash Into Me (2)4:11 Lay Your Hands on Me4:12 Where the Wild Things Are4:13 Piece of My Heart4:14 The Becoming4:15 Losing My Mind4:16 Freedom (1)
4:17 Freedom (2)       

5:01 Dream a Little Dream of Me (1)5:02 Dream a Little Dream of Me (2)5:03 Here Comes the Flood5:04 Brave New World5:05 There's No 'I' In Team5:06 Life During Wartime5:07 Rise Up5:08 These Ties that Bind
5:09 In The Midnight Hour5:10 All By Myself5:11 Wish You Were Here5:12 Sympathy for the Devil5:13 Stairway to Heaven5:14 Beat Your Heart Out5:15 Before and After5:16 An Honest Mistake
5:17 I Will Follow You Into the Dark5:18 Stand By Me5:19 Elevator Love Letter5:20 Sweet Surrender5:21 No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)5:22 What A Difference a Day Makes5:23 Here's to Future Days
5:24 Now Or Never

6:01 Good Mourning6:02 Goodbye6:03 I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me6:04 Tainted Obligation
6:05 Invasion6:06 I Saw What I Saw6:07 Give Peace a Chance6:08 Invest in Love
6:09 New History6:10 Holidaze6:11 Blink6:12 I Like You So Much Better when You're Naked6:13 State of Love and Trust6:14 Valentine's Day Massacre6:15 Time Warp6:16 Perfect Little Accident
6:17 Push6:18 Suicide is Painless6:19 Sympathy for the Parents6:20 Hook, Line and Sinner 6:21 How Insensitive 6:22 Shiny Happy People 6:23 Sanctuary 6:24 Death and All His Friends


16 March 2011 10:54 pm
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1:01 Something Wicca This Way Comes1:02 I've Got You Under My Skin1:03 Thank You For Not Morphing1:04 Dead Man Dating1:05 Dream Sorcerer1:06 The Wedding from Hell1:07 The Fourth Sister1:08 The Truth Is Out There...And it Hurts
1:09 The Witch is Back1:10 Wicca Envy1:11 Feats of Clay1:12 The Wendigo1:13 From Fear to Eternity1:14 Secrets and Guys1:15 Is There a Woogy in the House?1:16 Which Prue is it, Anyway?
1:17 That '70's Episode
1:18 When Bad Warlocks Go Good1:19 Out of Sight1:20 The Power of Two1:21 Love Hurts1:22 Deja Vu All Over Again  

2:01 Witch Trial2:02 Morality Bites2:03 The Painted World2:04 The Devil's Music2:05 She's a Man, Baby, a Man
2:06 That Old Black Magic2:07 They're Everywhere2:08 P3 H20
2:09 Ms. Hellfire2:10 Heartbreak City2:11 Reckless Abandon2:12 Awakened2:13 Animal Pragmatism2:14 Pardon My Past
2:15 Give Me a Sign2:16 Murphy's Luck
2:17 How To Make A Quilt Out of Americans2:18 Chick Flick2:19 Ex Libris2:20 Astral Monkey2:21 Apocalypse Not2:22 Be Careful What You Witch For  

3:01 The Honeymoon's Over3:02 Magic Hour3:03 One Upon a Time3:04 All Halliwell's Eve3:05 Sight Unseen3:06 Primrose Empath3:07 Power Outage3:08 Sleuthing with the Enemy
3:09 Coyote Piper3:10 We All Scream for Ice Cream3:11 Blinded by the Whitelighter3:12 Wrestling with Demons3:13 Bride and Gloom3:14 The Good, The Bad and the Cursed3:15 Just Harried3:16 Death Takes A Halliwell
3:17 Pre-Witched3:18 Sin Francisco3:19 The Demon Who Came in from the Cold3:20 Exit Strategy3:21 Look Who's Barking3:22 All Hell Breaks Loose  

4:01 Charmed Again (1)4:02 Charmed Again (2)4:03 Hell Hath No Fury4:04 Enter the Demon4:05 Size Matters4:06 A Knight to Remember4:07 Brain Drain4:08 Black as Cole
4:09 Muse to my Ears4:10 A Paige from the Past4:11 Trial by Magic4:12 Lost and Bound4:13 Charmed and Dangerous4:14 The Three Faces of Phoebe4:15 Marry-Go-Round4:16 The Fifth Halliwheel
4:17 Saving Private Leo4:18 Bite Me4:19 We're Off to See the Wizard4:20 Long Live the Queen4:21 Womb Raider4:22 Witch Way Now?  

5:01 A Witch's Tail (1)5:02 A Witch's Tail (2)5:03 Happily Ever After5:04 Siren's Song5:05 Witches in Tights5:06 The Eyes Have It5:07 Sympathy for the Demon 5:08 A Witch in Time
 5:09 Sam, I Am 5:10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien 5:11 The Importance of Being Phoebe 5:12 Centennial Charmed 5:13 House Call 5:14 Sand Francisco Dreamin' 5:15 The Day the Magic Died 5:16 Baby's First Demon
 5:17 Lucky Charmed 5:18 Cat House 5:19 Nymphs Just Want to Have Fun 5:20 Sense and Sense Ability 5:21 Necromancing the Stone 5:22 Oh My Goddess (1) 5:23 Oh My Goddess (2) 

 6:01 Valhalley of the Dolls (1) 6:02 Valhalley of the Dolls (2) 6:03 Forget Me...Not 6:04 The Power of Three Blondes
 6:05 Love's a Witch 6:06 My Three Witches
 6:07 Soul Survivor6:08 Sword and the City
 6:09 Little Monsters 6:10 Chris-Crossed 6:11 Witchstock 6:12 Prince Charmed 6:13 Used Karma 6:14 The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell 6:15 I Dream of Phoebe 6:16 The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
 6:17 Hyde School Reunion 6:18 Spin City 6:19 Crimes and Witch Demeanors 6:20 A Wrong Day's Journey into Right 6:21 Witch Wars 6:22 It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1) 6:23 It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2) 

7:01 A Call To Arms7:02 The Bare Witch Project7:03 Cheaper by the Coven7:04 Charrrmed7:05 Styx Feet Under 7:06 Once in a Blue Moon 7:07 Someone to Witch Over Me 7:08 Charmed Noir
 7:09 There's Something About Leo 7:10 Witchness Protection 7:11 Ordinary Witches 7:12 Extreme Makeover: World Edition 7:13 Charmageddon 7:14 Carpe Demon 7:15 Show Ghouls 7:16 The Seven Year Witch
 7:17 Scry Hard
 7:18 Little Box of Horrors 7:19 Freaky Phoebe 7:20 Imaginary Fiends 7:21 Death Becomes Them 7:22 Something Wicca This Way Goes...?  

8:01 Still Charmed & Kicking8:02 Malice in Wonderland8:03 Run Piper, Run
 8:04 Desperate Housewitches
 8:05 Rewitched 8:06 Kill Billie, Vol. 1 8:07 The Lost Picture Show 8:08 Battle of the Hexes
 8:09 Hulkus Pocus8:10 Vayas Con Leos 8:11 Mr. And Mrs. Witch 8:12 Payback's a Witch 8:13 Repo Manor 8:14 12 Angry Zen 8:15 The Last Temptation of Christy 8:16 Engaged and Confused
 8:17 Generation Hex 8:18 The Torn Identity 8:19 The Jung and the Restless 8:20 Gone with the Witches 8:21 Kill Billie, Vol. 2 8:22 Forever Charmed  

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1:01 Pilot
1:02 Wendigo1:03 Dead in the Water1:04 Phantom Traveler1:05 Bloody Mary1:06 Skin1:07 Hookman1:08 Bugs
1:09 Home1:10 Asylum1:11 Scarecrow1:12 Faith1:13 Route 6661:14 NIghtmare1:15 The Benders1:16 Shadow
1:17 Hell House1:18 Something Wicked1:19 Provenance1:20 Dead Man's Blood
1:21 Salvation1:22 Devil's Trap  

2:01 In My Time of Dying2:02 Everybody Loves a Clown2:03 Bloodlust2:04 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things2:05 Simon Said2:06 No Exit2:07 The Usual Suspects
2:08 Crossroad Blues
2:09 Croatoan2:10 Hunted2:11 Playthings2:12 Nightshifter2:13 Houses of the Holy2:14 Born Under a Bad Sign2:15 Tall Tales2:16 Roadkill
2:17 Heart2:18 Hollywood Babylon2:19 Folsom Prison Blues2:20 What Is and What Should Never Be2:21 All Hell Breaks Loose (1)2:22 All Hell Breaks Loose (2)  

3:01 Sin City3:02 The Kids are Alright3:03 Bad Day at Black Rock3:04 Sin City3:05 Bedtime Stories
3:06 Red Sky at Morning3:07 Fresh Blood
3:08 A Very Supernatural Christmas
3:09 Malleus Maleficarum3:10 Dream a Little Dream of Me3:11 Mystery Spot3:12 Jus in Bello3:13 Ghostfacers3:14 Long Distance Call
3:15 Time Is On My Side3:16 No Rest for the Wicked

4:01 Lazarus Rising4:02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester4:03 In The Beginning4:04 Metamorphosis4:05 Monster Movie4:06 Yellow Fever4:07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester4:08 Wishful Thinking
4:09 I Know What You Did Last Summer4:10 Heaven and Hell4:11 Family Remains4:12 Criss Angel is a Douchebag4:13 After School Special
4:14 Sex and Violence4:15 Death Takes a Holiday4:16 On the Head of a Pin
4:17 It's a Terrible Life4:18 Point of No Return4:19 Jump the Shark4:20 The Rapture4:21 When the Levee Breaks4:22 Lucifer Rising  

5:01 Sympathy for the Devil5:02 Good God Y'all5:03 Free To Be You and Me5:04 The End5:05 Fallen Idols5:06 I Believe the Children are our Future5:07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester5:08 Changing Channels
5:09 The Real Ghostbusters5:10 Abandon All Hope5:11 Sam, Interrupted5:12 Swap Meat5:13 The Song Remains the Same5:14 My Bloody Valentine5:15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
5:16 Dark Side of the Moon
5:17 99 Problems5:18 Point of No Return5:19 Hammer of the Gods5:20 The Devil You Know5:21 Two Minutes to Midnight5:22 Swan Song  

6:01 Exile on Main Street6:02 Two and a Half Men6:03 The Third Man6:04 Weekend at Bobby's6:05 Live Free or Twihard6:06 You Can't Handle the Truth6:07 Family Matters6:08 All Dogs Go to Heaven
6:09 Clap Your Hands if you Believe...6:10 Caged Heat6:11 Appointment in Samarra6:12 Like A Virgin6:13 Unforgiven6:14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning6:15 The French Mistake6:16 And Then There Were None...
 6:17 My Heart Will Go On 6:18 Frontierland 6:19 Mommy Dearest
 6:20 The Man Who Would Be King 6:21 Let it Bleed 6:22 The Man Who Knew Too Much  


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