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So I finished my rewatch of Season 1, and I decided I might as well rank each episode in the order I liked it. So here we are, from 1-22.

Season 1, Ranked. )
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So, I've decided to do a rewatch of Supernatural, since I watched the first five seasons so quickly that the episodes are all kind of blending together in my mind. That's the bad thing of watching on DVD, I think - you can watch like ten in a day and then you forget the particular details of each one. So I'm going to post my thoughts and comments about each episode as I do this. Just as a disclaimer, every one of these could have spoilers through the current episode (right now, 6:02), because I may very well be noticing things from earlier episodes that tie into something I just saw, and I'm not going to censor myself. I will, however, put them behind an LJ-cut. So if you're still watching and don't want to risk spoiling anything, don't click.

Supernatural 1:01 - 'Pilot' - Rewatch. Cut for possible spoilers through 6:02 )


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