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 Yay for Paris!!! This trip has been absolutely fantastic and it was great to meet MT'ers!!! There will be pictures when I get back to Derry tomorrow!!



Leaving Paris today. [] [] 

Have had such a fantastic time here...will post pictures when I get back to Derry tonight.

Just wanted to give first (tentative) notice that there will be another MT party in Derry the weekend of Halloween. There is a big celebration in Derry on Halloween and it is a lot of fun. Don't book yet - I need to make sure my school funding goes through (which it should) but hold the weekend if you are interested in coming and let me know if you are interested...


Back in Derry. [] 

Had such a wonderful weekend - it was over so soon! [] 

Will go upload pictures now, though. []


My facebook friends can see a selection of Paris photos now...

If you're not on facebook, you'll have to wait until I get them approved by everyone in them. []

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Barad-Dur was also terribly high... []

I think I prefer being closer to the ground, thank you very much. []

The flight here was really bumpy and terrifying...I thought I was going to die before I ever saw Paris at all...I think from now on I prefer to travel by train or boat...pretty ones shaped like swans maybe... []

Anyway - it has been fantastic to meet more MT'ers!!!! I have tons of pictures to upload when I return to Derry!


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