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 I love Shakespeare!  

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings...

~Julius Caesar 

(one of my favorites)

Today is my last day in Belgium. 


Agree with Sis and BoP.

I'm back in Derry, but not worth much tired!

Night, all! to read Children of Húrin until I fall asleep...just got it in soft cover at the airport...

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 I have to go home today. []


ATA went belly-up? My aunt used to fly them all the time! How did I miss that?

Good luck finding another airline, Þingy!


Good to hear! 

I have to fly myself tonight, actually. Amsterdam to Belfast. Can't say I particularly like it, but the more you do it, the more it seems that it's just boring and tedious, rather than scary.


Yeah, I accidentally called Derry 'home.' Which it sort of is. In a way.


Heathrow - no joke, what a disaster.

I tend to refer to wherever I happen to be sleeping that night as 'home.' I guess I don't have very deep roots. []


I wouldn't be suprised if I did something similar under the conditions!

Well, I've got to check out of my room, so I'm off. Talk to everyone when I get back to Derry!

Bye, Belgium! []


Back in Derry.

Our flight was delayed out of Amsterdam, and then we had an hour and half drive once we got there. 

Had a fantastic trip, though - I'll upload some pictures tomorrow...

I was so bored at the airport that I bought a paperback copy of The Children of Húrin and I've actually stared reading it. I have the hard-cover version at home, but I'd ben procrastinating reading the thing. 

I haven't been utterly disgusted with it yet... []

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 Good morning, all. I am, as I am on most vacations, exhausted. And I'm going to have a late night tonight. 

But I can sleep at home, I suppose. 


*comes in*
*says hi*
*goes to bed*
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 Hi, all. I'm absolutely wiped out. *dies from exhaustion*

Travelling is quite exhausting.


[re: Where am I?] 



No, I haven't, but I am meeting up with a friend from another Tolkien board I'm on tomorrow...


*gladly takes a massage*


Good luck, Mari!

I always enjoyed debate when I was studying it. 


Yes, I still like them now. 

My people always enjoy informed debates - even with lowly humans (or at least Findaráto did)


*mutters, sotto voce "never enough to be beautiful. must be more beautiful, or MOST beautiful. Egomaniacs*
Sometimes it's so hard to be Noldor. People get so jealous, but we really can't help it that we're the best. 


*is potty-trained*


Eeew...smelly cats.

I hate that.

I have four cats, but one's really fluffy, and sometimes his butt-fur gets stuff in it, and we have to give him a butt-bath. It's quite traumatising for him.


It'll only be 10:30, stay up! 

I don't want to leave Belgium. I love it here. I might apply to do my PhD work here.


*grumbles at silly uppity hobbits* 

Mari - I'd like to learn Dutch, too. And French. I really should try.

*grumbles again* And it's Noldor*

Well, technically, according to Tolkien's later writings, it's actually Ñoldor, but I'll let you get by without the tilde. 



Yes, I'm in Leuven until Friday. I absolutely love it here - definitely my second favorite European country so far. 


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Hi, everyone. Too knackered to read up what everybody's said today, but I trust everyone is well? 

I'm exhausted - spent the morning at the US Mission to the EU, then the rest of the day trekking around Waterloo. Great day, but very, very, very tired!

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 Morning, all!

Getting ready for a day full of lectures today...they look interesting if I can get a cup of tea in me and wake up a bit...


Just had lunch after a lecture on EU bureaucracy and one on lobbying the EU...I suppose it'll get us all ready for our trip to Brussels on Thursday...


I'm not personally trying to get anything from the EU...I have no voting rights and no investment in it.  I just think it's rather interesting and I enjoy learning about it. 


Working for the US Permanent Mission to the EU is one of my dreams, as well...maybe I'll see you around some day. 


Parsnips are good.

And I'm tired.

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 Hey, everyone!

I'm in Belgium right now, having a great time...hope everyone is well!


Yes, I certainly am addicted!  I would have posted yesterday but I was so knackered after staying up all night on Friday and then travelling all day I could hardly remember my own name! 

Today we went to was great (would have been better if it hadn't been raining, though. ). Going out to get dinner soon, but so far I'm really enjoying Belgium!

EDIT: Oh, and I bought a box of chocolates today, Mari! *shares with group*


Yeah, I guess we must have brought our Irish weather with us! Brugge is gorgeous. It really is a great little town, great for shopping too, so bring lots of money! All sorts of lovely little stores.

Travelling - I've been (other than the US, where I was born and raised) three times to Ireland, including the last time, where I've lived there since September, to Canada, to England where I visited Birmingham, Oxford, and Bath (over Christmas, which I spent in Burbage, Hinkley), France (Paris) and now Belgium. Oh, and I spent about three hours in the Netherlands. 

I've only been here a little more than a day, but I'm really impressed by Belgium. I'm actually in Flanders, so they speak Flemish here, which I'm clueless about. I can get by in French...but don't even know where to start with Flemish. It's a bit distressing.  I love travel too, though. It's totally addictive. There are so many other places I want to see!


I used to hate flying as well, but simple repetition has made it go from frightening to dull and tedious. Now I just dread it because of all the hassle, not really from fear. 


I like boats...but sitting anywhere except at the window on airplanes makes me want to toss my breakfast...


I flew Ryanair to Paris last month under very heavy winds, and there was a lot of turbulance. I was at the very back of the queue, so I got stuck in an aisle seat, and I literally thought I was going to be ill. 

I hate it when plains bounce...


No, unfortunately no time for Antwerp...but we will be spending a day in Brussels...and I desperately want to go to Waterloo...


Well, truth be told, I'm a bit of a Napoleonic wars/History junkie, and I'll probably be standing here telling my group how Cavalry Regiment so and so was placed in formation here...blah blah blah... I love battlefields. I've been to every single American Civil War one.


I've been looking into schools for my PhD program, yes. I'm looking at Queen's University in Belfast, The London School of Economics, and Indiana University. I'll go to whichever one offers me the best funding package. 

But for now, I'm off to bed - I'm utterly exhausted from a day of travel!


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