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2018-07-23 11:41 pm
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Friends Only

As a general rule, I do not add friends under the age of eighteen. I can't promise that my journal is always going to be 'family-friendly' and I'm not taking chances. Sorry.

About Me )

Shows I am Currently Watching (within the last week)

Supernatural - (Done with Season 6)
Dr. Who - (Through 6:04 'The Doctor's Wife')
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Through 2:20 'Go Fish')
Medium (Through 2:03 'Time Out of Mind')
The Big Bang Theory (Done with Season 1)
Criminal Minds (Done with Season 2)
Battlestar Galactica (Done with Season 1)

Shows I Watch
(Season I'm on is in parentheses)

Supernatural - (Done with Season 6)
Dr. Who - (Through 6:04 'The Doctor's Wife')
Grey's Anatomy - (Done with Season 6)
Charmed - (Complete series)
Criminal Minds - (Done with Season 2)
LOST - (Complete Series)
Glee - (Done with Season 1)
True Blood - (Done with Season 3)
FlashPoint - (Through Season 2:09 'Exit Wounds')
FlashForward - (Complete Series)
Heroes - (Done with Season 1)
Firefly - (Complete Series)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Through 2:20 'Go Fish')
Medium (Through 2:03 'Time Out of Mind')
Wildfire (Complete Series)
V (Through Season 1)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Through Season 1)
Star Trek: The Original Series (Through 1:15 "Shore Leave")
Generation Kill (Complete Series)
Gilmore Girls (Through 1:05 'Cinnamon's Wake')
Moonlight (Complete series)
Battlestar Galactica (Through Season 1)
Beautiful People (Through 1:12 'Das Boots')
Scrubs (Through 1:15 'My Bed, Bath and Beyond')
Bones (Through Season 5)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Complete Series)
The Big Bang Theory (Through Season 1)

If you are going to unfriend me, please have the common courtesy to at least tell me why. Thanks.

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2011-03-31 01:07 pm

TV Update (Charmed)

I finished season 6 of Charmed last night. Season 7: Disc 1 will be arriving in the mail today. I do like the show, but I've been watching it so much in the past few weeks that I'm getting a little burned out, I think. Ah well, only two seasons left.
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2011-03-31 12:59 pm



The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we may know almost nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.
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2011-03-23 12:55 am
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Update #4

*I've been on a bit of a Charmed-a-thon today, trying to get through the backlog of Netflix videos that had piled up from when I was in New Orleans. Today (and last night) I watched Charmed 5:12-5:20. I like the show. It's not as good as Supernatural or Buffy, but it has its own charmed and it takes a lot of chances and tries a lot of things. And it has some good characters and some good storylines.
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2011-03-19 01:35 am


1:01 My First Day 1:02 My Mentor 1:03 My Best Friend's Mistake 1:04 My Old Lady 1:05 My Two Dads1:06 My Bad 1:07 My Super Ego 1:08 My Fifteen Minutes
 1:09 My Day Off 1:10 My Nickname 1:11 My Own Personal Jesus 1:12 My Blind Date 1:13 My Balancing Act 1:14 My Drug Buddy 1:15 My Bed Banter and Beyond 
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2011-03-19 01:32 am

Update #3

*Watched Buffy 1:08 'I Robot, You Jane.' Ash from SPN plays Dave in this episode. He's so little!

*Watched Scrubs 1:01 'My First Day' - Need my medical shows, lol. And this one's a comedy. And only half an hour long. :)

Tried to watch the next Charmed episode, but it tried to kill my computer, had to do a system restore and everything, so I'll just have to watch that at home on my BluRay player.
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2011-03-18 03:04 am

Update #2

 *Watched Buffy 1:04, 1:05, 1:06 and 1:07

*Watched Charmed 5:09

I'm really liking Buffy. [ profile] neytaritook  said that three of those episodes weren't great, but I thought they were pretty solid MOTW stuff.

Time for bed for me, tomorrow we pull into New Orleans!

EDIT: And I don't know why it says I"m in Nashville...I'm in Kentucky.
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2011-03-17 05:41 pm


 1:01 Pilot 1:02 The Man in the S.U.V. 1:03 A Boy in a Tree 1:04 The Man in the Bear1:05 A Boy in a Bush 1:06 The Man in the Wall 1:07 A Man on Death Row1:08 The Girl in the Fridge
 1:09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter 1:10 The Woman at the Airport 1:11 The Woman in the Car 1:12 The Superhero in the Alley 1:13 The Woman in the Garden 1:14 The Man on the Fairway 1:15 Two Bodies in the Lab 1:16 The Woman in the Tunnel
 1:17 The Skull in the Desert 1:18 The Man With the Bone 1:19 The Man in the Morgue 1:20 The Graft in the Girl 1:21 The Soldier on the Grave 1:22 The Woman in Limbo  

 2:01 The Titan on the Tracks 2:02 Mother and Child in the Bay 2:03 The Boy in the Shroud2:04 The Blonde in the Game 2:05 The Truth in the Lye  2:06 The Girl in Suite 2103
 2:07 The Girl with the Curl 2:08 The Woman in the Sand
 2:09 Aliens in a Spaceship 2:10 The Headless Witch in the Woods 2:11 Judas on a Pole 2:12 The Man in the Cell 2:13 The Girl in the Gator 2:14 The Man in the Mansion 2:15 Bodies in the Book 2:16 The Boneless Bride in the River
 2:17 The Priest in the Churchyard 2:18 The Killer in the Concrete 2:19 Spaceman in a Crater 2:20 The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House 2:21 Stargazer in a Puddle   

 3:01 The Widow's Son in the Windshield 3:02 Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van3:03 Death in the Saddle  3:04 The Secret in the Soil3:05 Mummy in the Maze
 3:06 Intern in the Incinerator 3:07 The Boy in the Topsoil 3:08 The Knight on the Grid 3:09 The Santa in the Slush 3:10 The Man in the Mud
 3:11 Player Under Pressure 3:12 The Baby in the Bough 3:13 The Verdict in the Story 3:14 The Wannabe in the Woods 3:15 The Pain in the Heart

 4:01 Yanks in the U.K. 4:02 Man in the Outhouse
 4:03 The Finger in the Nest
 4:04 The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond4:05 The Crank in the Shaft 4:06 The He in the She  4:07 The Skull in the Sculpture
 4:08 The Con Man in the Meth Lab 4:09 The Passenger in the Oven 4:10 The Bone that Blew 4:11 Double Trouble in the Panhandle 4:12 Fire in the Ice 4:13 The Hero in the Hold 4:14 The Princess and the Pear
 4:15 The Bones that Foam 4:16 The Salt in the Wounds
 4:17 The Doctor in the Den 4:18 The Science in the Physicist 4:19 Cinderella in the Cupboard 4:20 Mayhem on a Cross
 4:21 The Double Death of the Dearly Departed
 4:22 The Girl in the Mask 4:23 The Beaver in the Otter 4:24 The Critic in the Cabernet 4:25 The End in the Beginning   

 5:01 Harbingers in the Fountain 5:02 The Bond in the Boot 5:03 The Plain in the Prodigy 5:04 The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood5:05 A Night at the Bones Museum 5:06 The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken  5:07 The Dwarf in the Dirt5:08 The Foot in the Forclosure
 5:09 The Gamer in the Grease 5:10 The Goop on the Girl 5:11 The X in the File 5:12 The Proof in the Pudding 5:13 The Dentist in the Ditch 5:14 The Devil in the Details 5:15 The Bones on the Blue Line 5:16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole
 5:17 The Death of the Queen Bee 5:18 The Predator in the Pool 5:19 The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle 5:20 The Witch in the Wardrobe 5:21 The Boy With the Answer 5:22 The Beginning in the End  
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2011-03-17 04:55 pm

Avatar: The Last Airbender

 1:01 The Boy in the Iceberg 1:02 The Avatar Returns 1:03 The Southern Air Temple 1:04 The Warriors of Kyoshi 1:05 The King of Omashu1:06 Imprisoned1:07 The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)
 1:08 Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2) 1:09 The Waterbending Scroll 1:10 Jet 1:11 The Great Divide 1:12 The Storm 1:13 The Blue Spirit 1:14 The Fortuneteller
 1:15 Bato of the Water Tribe 1:16 The Deserter 1:17 The Northern Air Temple 1:18 The Waterbending Master 1:19 The Siege of the North, Part 1 1:20 The Siege of the North, Part 2 

 2:01 The Avatar State 2:02 The Cave of Two Lovers 2:03 Return to Omashu2:04 The Swamp  2:05 Avatar Day 2:06 The Blind Bandit 2:07 Zuko Alone
 2:08 The Chase 2:09 Bitter Work 2:10 The Library 2:11 The Desert 2:12 The Serpent's Pass 2:13 The Drill 2:14 City of Walls and Secrets
 2:15 The Tales of Ba Sing Se 2:16 Appa's Lost Days 2:17 Lake Laogai 2:18 The Earth King 2:19 The Guru 2:20 The Crossroads of Destiny 

 3:01 The Awakening 3:02 The Headband
3:03 The Painted Lady 3:04 Sokka's Master  3:05 The Beach3:06 The Avatar and the Firelord  3:07 The Runaway
 3:08 The Puppetmaster 3:09 Nightmares and Daydreams 3:10 The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion 3:11 The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse 3:12 The Western Air Temple 3:13 The Firebending Masters 3:14 The Boiling Rock, Part 1
 3:15 The Boiling Rock, Part 2 3:16 The Southern Raiders 3:17 The Ember Island Players 3:18 Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King 3:19 Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters 3:20 Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno 3:21 Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang
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2011-03-17 04:34 pm

Beautiful People

 1:01 Pilot 1:02 Point and Shoot 1:03 Reload1:04 Over Exposure  1:05 Dark, Room, Chemicals 1:06 F-Stop 1:07 Blow Up 1:08 Photo Finish
 1:09 Flashback to the Future 1:10 It's All Uphill From Here
 1:11 A Tale of Two Parties 1:12 Das Boots    
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2011-03-17 04:29 pm

Battlestar Galactica

 1:01 33 1:02 Water 1:03 Bastille Day 1:04 Act of Contrition 1:05 You Can't Go Home Again 1:06 Litmus 1:07 Six Degrees of Separation
 1:08 Flesh and Bone 1:09 Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down     
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2011-03-17 04:24 pm


 1:01 No Such Thing as Vampires 1:02 Out of the Past 1:03 Dr. Feelgood 1:04 Fever 1:05 Arrested Development
1:06 B.C.  1:07 The Ringer 1:08 12:04 AM
 1:09 Fleur de Lis 1:10 Sleeping Beauty 1:11 Love Lasts Forever 1:12 The Mortal Cure 1:13 Fated to Pretend 1:14 Click 1:15 What's Left Behind 1:16 Sonata
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2011-03-17 04:19 pm

Gilmore Girls

 1:01 Pilot 1:02 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton 1:03 Kill Me Now 1:04 The Deer Hunters 1:05 Cinnamon's Wake
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2011-03-17 04:16 pm

Generation Kill

1:01 Get Some 1:02 The Cradle of Civilization 1:03 Screwby 1:04 Combat Jack 1:05 A Burning Dog 1:06 Stay Frosty 1:07 Bomb in the Garden
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2011-03-17 04:12 pm


 1:01 Genesis 1:02 Don't Look Back 1:03 One Giant Leap 1:04 Collision 1:05 Hiros 1:06 Better Halves1:07 Nothing to Hide  1:08 Seven Minutes to Midnight
 1:09 Homecoming 1:10 Six Months Ago 1:11 Fallout 1:12 Godsend 1:13 The Fix 1:14 Distractions 1:15 Run! 1:16 Unexpected
 1:17 Company Man 1:18 Parasite 1:19 .07% 1:20 Five Years Gone 1:21 The Hard Part 1:22 Landslide 1:23 How To Stop an Exploding Man 
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2011-03-17 04:01 pm


 1:01 Scorpio 1:02 First in Line 1:03 The Element of Surprise 1:04 Asking for Flowers 1:05 Who's George 1:06 Attention Shoppers
1:07 He Knows His Brother
 1:08 Never Kissed a Girl 1:09 Planets Aligned 1:10 Eagle Two 1:11 Backwards Day 1:12 Haunting the Barn 1:13 Between Heartbeats 

 2:01 Business as Usual 2:02 The Fortress 2:03 Clean Hands 2:04 Aisle 132:05 The Perfect Family  2:06 Remote Control
 2:07 Perfect Storm 2:08 Last Dance 2:09 Exit Wounds   
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2011-03-17 03:51 pm

Star Trek (The Original Series)

1:01 The Man Trap 1:02 Charlie X 1:03 Where No Man Has Gone Before 1:04 The Naked Time
1:05 The Enemy Within  1:06 Mudd's Women
 1:07 What Are Little Girls Made Of? 1:08 Miri 1:09 Dagger of the Mind 1:10 The Carbomite Maneuver 1:11 The Menagerie (Part 1) 1:12 The Menagerie (Part 2)
 1:13 The Conscience of the King 1:14 Balance of Terror 1:15 Shore Leave
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2011-03-17 03:40 pm

Star Trek (The Next Generation)

 1:01 Encounter at Farpoint (1) 1:02 Encounter at Farpoint (2) 1:03 The Naked Now 1:04 Code of Honor 1:05 The Last Outpost 1:06 Where No One Has Gone Before1:07 Lonely Among Us
 1:08 Justice 1:09 The Battle 1:10 Hide and Q 1:11 Haven 1:12 The Big Goodbye 1:13 Datalore 1:14 Angel One
 1:15 11001001 1:16 Too Short a Season 1:17 When the Bough Breaks 1:18 Home Soil 1:19 Coming of Age 1:20 Heart of Glory 1:21 The Arsenal of Freedom
 1:22 Symbiosis 1:23 Skin of Evil
 1:24 We'll Always Have Paris 1:25 Conspiracy 1:26 The Neutral Zone  
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2011-03-17 03:25 pm


 1:01 Serenity 1:02 The Train Job
 1:03 Bushwhacked 1:04 Shindig 1:05 Safe 1:06 Our Mrs. Reynolds1:07 Jaynestown
 1:08 Out of Gas 1:09 Ariel 1:10 War Stories 1:11 Trash 1:12 The Message 1:13 Heart of Gold 1:14 Objects in Space
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2011-03-17 03:24 pm
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1:01 Pilot 1:02 There is No Normal Anymore 1:03 A Bright New Day 1:04 It's Only the Beginning 1:05 Welcome to the War1:06 Pound of Flesh
 1:07 John May 1:08 We Can't Win 1:09 Heretic's Fork 1:10 Hearts and Minds 1:11 Fruition 1:12 Red Sky