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1:01 A Hard Day's Night1:02 The First Cut is the Deepest1:03 Winning a Battle, Losing the War1:04 No Man's Land1:05 Shake Your Groove Thing1:06 If Tomorrow Never Comes1:07 The Self-Destruct Button1:08 Save Me1:09 Who's Zoomin' Who?

2:01 Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head2:02 Enough is Enough (No More Tears)2:03 Make Me Lose Control2:04 Deny, Deny, Deny2:05 Bring the Pain2:06 Into You Like a Train2:07 Something to Talk About2:08 Let It Be
2:09 Thanks For the Memories2:10 Much Too Much2:11 Owner of a Lonely Heart2:12 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer2:13 Begin the Begin2:14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies2:15 Break On Through2:16 It's the End of the World
2:17 (As We Know It)2:18 Yesterday2:19 What Have I Done to Deserve This?2:20 Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole2:21 Superstition2:22 The Name of the Game2:23 Blues for Sister Someone2:24 Damage Control
2:25 17 Seconds2:26 Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response2:27 Losing My Religion     

3:01 Time Has Come Today3:02 I am a Tree3:03 Sometimes a Fantasy3:04 What I Am3:05 Oh, The Guilt
3:06 Let the Angels Commit3:07 Where the Boys Are3:08 Staring at the Sun
3:09 From a Whisper to a Scream3:10 Don't Stand So Close to Me3:11 Six Days, Part 13:12 Six Days, Part 23:13 Great Expectations3:14 Wishin' and Hopin'3:15 Walk on Water3:16 Drowning on Dry Land
3:17 Some Kind of MIracle3:18 Scars and Souvenirs3:19 My Favorite Mistake3:20 Time After Time3:21 Desire3:22 The Other Side of this Life (1)3:23 The Other Side of this Life (2)3:24 Testing 1-2-3
3:25 Didn't We Almost Have it All?       

4:01 A Change is Gonna Come4:02 Love/Addiction4:03 Let the Truth Sting4:04 The Heart of the Matter4:05 Haunt You Every Day4:06 Kung Fu Fighting 4:07 Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction4:08 Forever Young
4:09 Crash Into Me (1)4:10 Crash Into Me (2)4:11 Lay Your Hands on Me4:12 Where the Wild Things Are4:13 Piece of My Heart4:14 The Becoming4:15 Losing My Mind4:16 Freedom (1)
4:17 Freedom (2)       

5:01 Dream a Little Dream of Me (1)5:02 Dream a Little Dream of Me (2)5:03 Here Comes the Flood5:04 Brave New World5:05 There's No 'I' In Team5:06 Life During Wartime5:07 Rise Up5:08 These Ties that Bind
5:09 In The Midnight Hour5:10 All By Myself5:11 Wish You Were Here5:12 Sympathy for the Devil5:13 Stairway to Heaven5:14 Beat Your Heart Out5:15 Before and After5:16 An Honest Mistake
5:17 I Will Follow You Into the Dark5:18 Stand By Me5:19 Elevator Love Letter5:20 Sweet Surrender5:21 No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)5:22 What A Difference a Day Makes5:23 Here's to Future Days
5:24 Now Or Never

6:01 Good Mourning6:02 Goodbye6:03 I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me6:04 Tainted Obligation
6:05 Invasion6:06 I Saw What I Saw6:07 Give Peace a Chance6:08 Invest in Love
6:09 New History6:10 Holidaze6:11 Blink6:12 I Like You So Much Better when You're Naked6:13 State of Love and Trust6:14 Valentine's Day Massacre6:15 Time Warp6:16 Perfect Little Accident
6:17 Push6:18 Suicide is Painless6:19 Sympathy for the Parents6:20 Hook, Line and Sinner 6:21 How Insensitive 6:22 Shiny Happy People 6:23 Sanctuary 6:24 Death and All His Friends
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